5 reasons (not) to quit Facebook

Last year, around New Years Eve when I was making my resolutions for the awesome-to-be year 2015, I bravely decided to delete my Facebook account (Technically this is impossible. What I mean is: deactivate). Why the hell would anyone do such an awful, asocial thing?
I mean, what was I thinking?

1. In-your-facebook

Facebook obviously is useful for different kinds of purposes. First of all, to stay connected and share something of your (otherwise private) world to others who are (or who are not…) interested. I mean, you literally push your story in everyone who is your ‘friend’ s face. That’s why they called it Facebook, probably. Like, in-your-face, mofo. Here is my life and it is fucking awesome. Check out my overpriced yummy starbucks skinny latte because obviously everyone was waiting for the moment I would post about this adventure while I’m also showing my fancy and especially expensive Michael Kors bag! Now, hit that like-button everybody!

I mean…

What are we doing? No wonder depression rates are huge. Facebook (and other social media for that matter. Even this blog.) can be a very nice way to stay in contact with your family in Chile, share pictures of your drunk night out or have brainstorm sessions with your groupwork partners. But some people see social media as their display where they virtually prostitute their lives to people who don’t really care.

2. The joy of crushing candy

There are some other useful features too. Like Candy Crush. I mean, how many lives has this game saved from boredom? Millions, even billions. I cannot imagine how I would’ve survived these long days studying at the library otherwise. Eventually, when my husband reached level Ridiculously High and we began fighting about whether or not I should send him new lives (which I refused because I was jealous of his Candy Crushing skills), we decided it was time to delete the game.

Deleting Candy Crush is a scam of course, like deleting Facebook itself. Because like Facebook you just have to log into the game again and you can continue where you finished, without even losing your highscores! Because it still has your data. Like Facebook keeps your data. Like Facebook knows everything.

3. Friendship and its meanings

Facebook has lifted ‘friendship’ to a whole new level. Who would’ve ever guessed that I would eventually become ‘friends’ with that evil bitch from thirth grade?

I wasn’t much of a FB user before, so it wasn’t hard on me to quit. It’s hard for other people because now they have to put effort in maintaining their relationship with you. Facebook makes it very easy to talk to and plan to meet friends. Because obviously they don’t own a mobile phone with which they can call or text you. Who even still has one of those these days? I guess I am one of those oldschool granny’s. (That doesn’t even make sense, my grandmother has her very own Facebook account.)

The thing is, I love it when people text me to meet for a party because I feel very personally invited and wanted. I love it when friends send me a very long e-mail instead of assuming everyone already knows via FB so they don’t need to worry about telling me personally. I even found myself being closer with some friends since I quit than before. And don’t worry about losing contact with your friends. The ones who really care about you will find their way to you, with or without Facebook (or any social media for that matter).

4. To like or not to like

I love being… free. No pressure to only make hipster, semi-professional, cute or steaming hot pictures. I do not need to make pictures with another audience than myself and the husband in mind. I don’t need to put the way I live in function of updating my Facebook status.

It is flattering when people like your pictures, but it is in the same way unpleasant when people don’t. Without even knowing it, people rate each others ‘value’ by counting your likes. It’s like you are lower in hierarchy when you have less likes. Without likes, your picture has no worth, you have no worth. It means social pressure to the top.

And beware of not liking your girlfriends/boyfriends/bestfriends pictures/statuses, because this will mean a blemish for your relationship.

5. The world is to the hypocrites

I know what you’re thinking right know, so I’m gonna say it before you do. I’m still doing the same thing what I’m accusing the world of Facebook-users of with my blog right here, right? Of course you are right.

I guess it is simply inevitable. For some of us, apart from staying in contact with others, being on the internet and having succes with their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog or whatever, gives a higher self esteem and gives something to hold on to. It even might give purpose. So who am I to criticize that?

That’s why I put the ‘not’ in the title. Because on the one hand, social media can turn into a bad thing, but on the other hand, it is actually nice to be able to reach a wider audience with your story. Like blogging.


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