Back in the (change) game

Yes. It has been somewhere near a year that I have been posting anything on this blog. To be honest, it has been a very eventful year but I didn’t feel like posting about it or about any other stuff because it might have been way too personal. It kinda didn’t feel right I guess. In a nutshell: I have been pregnant, had a little girl whom I will call Baby N, graduated two weeks later from university and obtained a Master’s Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Since then I’m looking for a job but to be honest, I don’t really mind when turned down over and over again. I actually like where I am right now.

The reason why I turned back to this blog is manyfold. Above all, I like to write and spill my (sometimes crazy) thoughts. I also have been following a general course on mondial challenges and development from the Belgian Development Agency that hit me in many ways. The topics talked about tackled some serious issues in global development. Since I saw some documentaries on the clothing industry, the meat/dairy industry and sustainability, I decided to drastically change my life.

So… What’s the plan?

First and foremost, my husband and I decided to eat as good as vegan. I will talk about the how and the why more in depth in another blog post. In short, we became aware of the fact that the meat/dairy industry has a tremendous (and negative) impact on our beloved planet in terms of climate change, global warming, pollution, land use, water use, animal extinction and so on. A lot of reasons not to eat animal products.

Second, I decided not to buy any new clothes for at least a year. I looked at my closet and concluded it is not so much a fact that ‘I have nothing to wear’ but that I don’t like what I have. I think this, the fast fashion industry, really is a Western phenomenon and also having huge negative impact for people all over the world (from the people in Bangladesh who make these clothes to the cotton farms to the people who wear them). I hope to post about the hows and the whys soon too.

Last, we will try to live ‘more conscious’. What that means we still have to figure out on a daily basis. I think it starts with being aware of the trash you buy (a pack of cookies with a zillion package plastic around), the stuff you eat and the way you spend your time (and time equals money of course).

So, the plan is to update about this challenge here once in a while. Think about the word ‘challenge’. Why does it even has to be a challenge, a temporary decision, some sort of a game? Shouldn’t this be something we should build our lives on, something fundamental about the way we are? Anyway, I will call it ‘the change game’ to have something to refer to.

Updates follow soon!


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