About me… ahum this blog.

It’s hard to tell you what kind of blog this is. It’s definately not about fashion or anything alike, because I have no knowledge about it worth mentioning. I guess it is about everything and about nothing. Just some place to ventilate my publicly unwanted opinions and well meant advice that nobody is likely to take. We’ll see where we get, right? Let’s start with something about the person behind this blog.

I am Gerlinde, Belgian, newly graduated anthropologist, 23 years young, wife to Rembert, mother to Baby N. Apart from working and managing my little household (consisting of me, the husband, Baby N., the cat and the disappeared rabbit), I enjoy doing some creative things (whatever that might be), sewing, reading, running, writing, travelling and when I have some time left I might try my luck at studying.

In fact, I love studying. I love buying dozens of books with extremely interesting titles coming from well-known anthropologists. I love having them in my personal little library. But I rarely come to read them. It’s a shame, I know. I always dream of having this huge library with a nice comfortable sofa and a mini-bar in the middle and then be able to tell those people who gaze at my million books that I read them all. Well yeah, everyone has dreams.

For now, this will suffice! If you want to know more, feel free to browse through this blog in search of more interesting articles (which I cannot guarantee that you’ll find!)


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