Why having no money and a flatscreen TV is a crime

One day, while trying to do a horrible amount of dishes, I was listening to the radio. We always listen to the radio while doing the dishes, but never stay with the same radio station because we like to switch whenever we get bored of the shitty songs some popstars release in the air to…

Why people want fantasy and sci-fi movies

To celebrate the autumn study break, a couple of weeks ago the husband, me and two of my siblings went for a nice movie together. We chose to watch a new Flemish one, because the husband and I are huge fans of homemade movies and it was going to be a VERY flemish one (including…

Letter to Aimee: The myths about winning the lottery

My dear dutch friend As I have recently chosen you as my favorite discussion partner, I would like to run some thoughts over with you. I mean, I would like to set off a passionate monologue and you can just sit back, relax, and pretend you are following my train of thoughts.

5 reasons (not) to quit Facebook

Last year, around New Years Eve when I was making my resolutions for the awesome-to-be year 2015, I bravely decided to delete my Facebook account (Technically this is impossible. What I mean is: deactivate). Why the hell would anyone do such an awful, asocial thing? I mean, what was I thinking?